Endodontic-Root canal


Avoid intense activities for the rest of the day.

When the effects of anesthesia pass, the tissues that surround and support the tooth become inflamed, so it is normal to experience pain three to seven days after the treatment.

This pain usually varies in intensity with respect to the treated tooth and with each patient. It is usually a moderate pain, which is contracted with the medication indicated by your dentist.

There are occasions when symptoms of severe pain and suppuration occur. If with the indicated medication it is not possible to control these symptoms, we advise you to approach the office so that a professional can examine you.

Avoid chewing with the treated tooth as far as possible until your dentist has performed the final restoration. This should be done in a period less than 8 days after endodontic treatment. We remind you of the importance of this to prevent the treatment from failing.

Oral hygiene should be usual.