Teeth Whitening


To obtain the best results of your whitening and to extend it much more, we have these recommendations for you.

It is possible that during the treatment you will wake up a greater dental sensitivity and slight discomfort, avoid eating very hot or very cold foods and drinks and take an anti-inflammatory.

In this period your teeth are especially prone to get stains, so it is ideal to follow our “white diet” advice.

– Sparkling Water
• Colorless soda
• White wine
• White yogurt
• Milk
• Alcohol vinegar
• Whipped Cream
• White sauce
• Banana
• Pear
• Apple without husk
• Endive

• White cabbage
• Potato
• Garlic / Onion
• Mushroom
• White asparagus
• Leek
• Chicken
• Fish
• Rice
• Pasta
• Mashed potatoes
• Sauceless pizza

Not recommended
– Coffee / Tea
• Mate
• Red wine
• Soda with color
• Fruit juice with color
•Mustard / ketchup
• Red sauce
• Red meat
• Acid and citric foods
• Strawberry
• Tomato
• Carrot

• Beet
• Spinach / Chard
• Pumpkin
• Butternut
• Chocolate
• Lipstick
• Toothpaste with color
• Smoking

External stains that may appear may be removed by mouth cleaning or the daily use of toothpastes. So it is ideal that during the treatment you maintain good oral hygiene when performing a correct brushing, flossing and mouthwash, preferably one of transparent content or with bleaching agents to preserve the whiteness of your teeth.