A warm quality team.

DENTAL TOTAL was founded in 2001 and since then it has steadily grown through its focus on patient satisfaction, what has turned it into the main and largest network of dental clinics in Argentina.

Its mission is to provide the highest quality of care in Orthodontics and Implants.

Every day we work to be the best dentistry option, focusing on care as a pleasant experience for our patients. Our goal is a great smile with all it entails: not only cosmetics, but also happiness for the comfort and support received, thereby nurturing a lasting bond of loyalty.

We push forward every day to be the best career option for everyone seeking excellence, and personal, economic and professional growth. We collaborate with the growth of our Suppliers.

We are committed to continuously perfecting the processes in our Quality Management System, and to becoming thereby the best point of reference in dental care for the patient, working every day to meet the expectations of our interested parties.


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