To achieve better results and the path to your desired smile is the most pleasant, we advise you to take into account the following “care” while on orthodontic treatment.

Care of removable appliances. When removing them from your mouth, we advise you to store them in a box, taking care not to lose them or hit them, preventing them from breaking or deforming. Keep them clean, washing them daily with the brush and toothpaste.

Care of fixed appliances. Avoid the hard elements that can take off the appliances or bend the wires, which would cause the teeth to move improperly, generating adverse effects on your teeth and prolonging the treatment.

Eliminate habits such as touching the devices with your fingers, and other objects.
If you notice that any piece of orthodontics has peeled off or appears broken, visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Hygienic Care. It is important that you are extra careful with your dental hygiene during the entire treatment, since the devices facilitate that there are remains of food in the teeth and that more dental plaque is retained. Therefore, we advise you to spend more time cleaning, brushing carefully after each meal.