Post Surgery


• DO NOT SMOKE: Cigarette smoke irritates operated tissues and may delay wound healing, increasing the risk of infection.

• BREAK: During the next two or three days after the surgery keep at rest, limiting physical activity, sports or weight lifting, thus avoid bleeding in the surgical area. Do not expose yourself to the sun or places of high temperature.

• MEDICATION: It is natural to feel pain or discomfort after surgery, to relieve it we remind you to take the medication indicated by your dentist.

• INFLAMMATION: It is normal to present symptoms of swelling, to reduce it, place an ice pack in the area preventing it from being in direct contact with the skin.

• HYGIENE OF YOUR MOUTH: Avoid spitting, rinsing or sucking during the first 24 hours after surgery. Oral hygiene should be the usual avoiding direct brushing on the area of the wound so as not to alter the healing.

• BLEEDING: It is normal for some blood to flow from the wound. In these cases fold and place a gauze in the area by pressing for 30 minutes. If bleeding continues consult your dentist.

• USE OF PROSTHESIS: Remember if you use any type of prosthesis, you should avoid placing them while the area heals.

• FEEDING: Avoid eating until the effects of anesthesia have passed. Drink cold liquid. It is recommended not to consume alcoholic and hot drinks, dairy products, fatty, hard foods, that contain seeds or that are very small, because there may be remains in the wound.

• HOW TO REST: During the first night, place two pillows so that your head is higher, which will prevent inflammation in the surgical area.